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Resource4us is a Group of Marketers working together for the benefit of all. We have a Portfolio of Company's that offer valuable products, services, or benefits; ethical and efficient management; and each has an income opportunity for those interested in extra income.

Resource4Us has compiled a group of company's offering a range of products and services from which consumers can choose from. There are products and services in the following categories:

  • Privacy & Identity Protection
  • Communication - Online & Offline
  • Mortgage Term and Interest Reduction without refinancing or changing your current budget and no out-of-pocket to get this system working to your advantage
  • FX Trading Training and Support and Other Financial Educational Courses
  • Technically Advanced range of products for residential and commercial applications
  • Range of Nutritional and Personal Care Products from 5 different companies
  • A bit of Christmas fun for the kids and parents
  • PC Technical Assistance and Marketing Assistance
Browsing through this portfolio of products will be eye-opening and exciting as you choose which items can help you and your family improve quality of life.

The Resource4Us Team Leader is Annette Scott, a 30+ year veteran in the Network Marketing Industry. Truly helping people with the products or services they really need or want has always been her priority setting aside her need to 'make-a-buck' in many instances. A pushy salesperson she is not nor does she encourage anyone to be. You need a product or service from a company in the portfolio? Great...go get it. You want to earn extra income from sharing products and services from one or more companies in the portfolio? Great...she'll help you get started. Easy-Going and Down-to-Earth is how this group is lead.

Our team consists of distributor's (or the equivalent of a distributor) or an affiliate in each company. With our group we seek success for EVERYONE. Therefore, we use the Power of 3 - Pay It Forward philosophy. In most compensation plans the key number of personally enrolled distributors/affilates/members needed to qualify for commissions is 3...no matter what type of structure they are using. A few may require 4, but no more than that is needed in any of them.

The Resource4Us Team wants YOU to be successful either using a product or service OR in building a successful business organization OR both. Whatever you are looking for is what we want to provide.

Browse through the Portfolio to find what YOU are looking for.

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