When you have
all the resources
to cultivate...
 the result is a
 beautiful garden
 of roses.
Hello Everyone,
  2004 marks the beginning of our team re-structure.  Over the next few years the leaders of our team, the Resource4Us Team, will be revieiwng and researching many company's, their products and services, and the management behind them.  Once we have completed our due diligence and are comfortable in our belief of their product/service and company stability, we will introduce to you a 'Portfolio' from which to choose from. 
  While we are sifting our way through this process, we will individually keep you informed on the companies we are working with and report to you the honest results in every category.  We will support you in those companies with honesty and integrity. 
  When we have completed our work a new website will be announced and sent out to everyone.  Eventually we intend that website to become a members replicatable site whereby the members can choose to join whichever company(s) they wish to include in THEIR portfolio and be able to insert the link to that replicated site on their team site.  Visitors to their team site will be sent to their replicated company sites and if their visitor chooses a company they are NOT enrolled in, then the sale or enrollment would roll up to their team upline.  This gives everyone true freedom and is the fairest way to determine sponsorship. 
  Additionally, we intend to organize an Adverstising Coop whereby participating team members will contribute to an advertising fund and be placed in the rotator.  This rotator will work like this...all team members have their own team.com/username site, a rotator will be purchased for the main domain team.com, ad coop participants' team.com/username links will be added to the rotator, the hits from the advertising campaigns will be evenly distributed between all ad coop participants.
  If you have any company you would like for us to research, please send the information to us as soon as possible.  When we are finished, we will have the most unique marketing team ever put together!  Stay well and be patient with us. 
Annette Scott
H 210-341-7844
C 210-777-5381
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