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Residential Products
A line of products that will make life for you and your family safer, cleaner and healthier. Clean your clothes without laundry detergent, kill pesty insects without harmful pesticides, reduce the risk of a stove fire by 80% and much more.
Video Demonstrations available on the BWA website.

Commercial Products
A line of products that will make your business run more efficiently, safer, cleaner and healthier. Eliminate Line Losses On Industiral Motors, use the Noiseless Jackhammer, grow Produce at the Speed of Sound, protect your Crops without harmful toxins, and much more.
Video Demonstrations available on the BWA website.

Free Electricity Introduction
Is it possible to get "Free Electricity"? We are part of a unique program that seeks to bring free electricity to millions of homes in exchange for helping us build a new national diversified power company. Using some well guarded technology we have Electrical Engineers and Licensed Electrical Contractors that have witnessed and tested the components & believe our affiliate company, BWT will provide a safe and reliable system that generates electricity from homes around the nation. To do this we need witnesses for a national demo we hope to present in July of 2007. But we MUST achieve a goal of attendees to do this.
If you wish to join this campaign, become a Better World Alternatives preferred customer.

Alternative Fuel
BWT, our research and development company has developed a system that can convert ANY and EVERY car into an alternative fuel vehicle! This system can increase your mileage by 400% and reduce the pollution by over 80%! By breaking existing fuel down from molecules to base elements it becomes pure gas vapors. Since water is 2H202 or H20 it too can be broken into gases and mixed in to burn clean and efficiently in ANY COMBUSTION ENGINE!
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