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A group of inventors lead by Mr. Dennis Lee have researched and developed many amazing residential and commercial products. One of the inventions is a magnetic electric generator which when put together and installed onto a home properly should have the potential to produce more than enough electricity for any home and this is without being connected to the local power company grid. In fact, any excess electricity produced by this unit can be purchased BY the local power company.

The reason I say 'potential to produce' is because this invention is NOT YET out on the market. Why? Well, Mr. Dennis Lee has been searching for ways to bring it out for many years but he has run into many various types of brick walls put up by the big power industry who doesn't want to give up their profits they are currently receiving from the current energy fuel sources we are all forced to use currently. Mr. Lee has fought many legal battles including being arrested and incarcerated for 2 years without a trial or a conviction and there have also even been some attempts on his life in order to stop him from bringing such an amazing technology to the public.

So what needs to happen in order for this to be brought to the public? PUBLIC AWARENESS! If enough people KNOW about the technology, then there would be NOTHING the wealthy power brokers could do to stop it from being used by the public. PEOPLE who are knowlegable about something write letters and make phone calls to their politicians who then begin to change laws for the benefit of the people who they represent.

How are we going to achieve this PUBLIC AWARENESS? By registering and bringing to various football stadiums across America all on the same day at the same time to WITNESS the UNVEILING of this electrical technology as well as many other fantastic, practical, and environmentally friendly products. We need 1.6 million witnesses registered before this will happen. Each state has a designated number of witnesses that can be registered and once that number is met in any state, then no more registrations will be accepted in that state. Maine, Idaho and Kentucky are closed to participation. The GOAL DATE is July 10, 2007...but it will only happen if the 1.6 million witnesses are all registered. It is UP TO US TO SPREAD THE WORD!

How does a person get registered? The 'Free Electricity Registration' itself is free, but it can only be obtained through one of the three (3) entities currently available. They are:

It doesn't matter which entity you use to get your Free Electricity Registration. You could even be involved in 2 or all 3. If you decide that you WANT a Free Electricity Registration, then read about each entity and then decide which one is best for you.

All Free Electricity Registration certificates are issued by the International Telsa Electric Company (ITEC). If you DO get involved in more than one entity, keep in mind that only ONE Free Electricity registration can be administered per address. AND if you should move after you register, you MUST submit a change of address or else you wouldn't get the letter informing you of what stadium to go to and on what date at what time.

Introducing the worlds first and only
Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter!

Better World Technologies and Dutchman Enterprises is now in the final stages of bringing this product to the World.
Now there are two fuel treatment systems coming! The "P.I.C.C." and the
"Hydro Assist Fuel Cell".
Depending on the version you choose you may increase your gas mileage 2x, 4x or more! No, we are not exagerating. Testing in the BWT facility is returning outsanding results and these products are going into production.

View our Videos

We have created 3 videos that will tell you about the Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter (PICC) technology: The Challenges, The Solution, Gas & Water.

For your convenience, we have created the video in three of the most popular formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player and Flash. We have also created versions of the video for high speed and low speed internet connections. So you can view the version of the video that best suites your situation.

To pick the video that best suites your needs, we suggest that you read the description of each video to determine if you want to watch that video. Once you have decided to view a particular video, click on the links in that video seciton to select the format you wish to view.

The Challenges

This video (13 minutes & 21 seconds) describes the challenges that must be overcome to improve fuel efficiency. It describes why cars get poor gas mileage, and the legal problems that would have to be overcome to improve fuel economy. It also includes some interest demonstrations that defy conventional wisdom.

If you are a "just give me the bottom line" kind of person, you may want to skip this video and view "The Solution" video. The beginning of "The Solution" video briefly states the challanges that had to be overcome.

Select from these video formats and resolutions to best fit your needs:

The Solution

This video (12 minutes & 47 seconds) describes how the Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter (PICC) solves the issues that are discussed in "The Challenges" video. It begins with a brief (2 minutes & 40 seconds) review the challenges. Then it spends the remainder of the time describing PICC solution: how it works and the benefits you can expect.

Select from these video formats and resolutions to best fit your needs:

Gas and Water Demo

This video (4 minutes & 45 seconds) demonstrates that we an increase fuel economy even further by running an engine on a gas and water mixture. We suspect that most people will not use this option but we wanted to prove that it is possible if you want to take advantage of even greater fuel economy.

Select from these video formats and resolutions to best fit your needs:

Which entity should you go through and what type of committment do you need to make in order to get involved? You choose...see below:

If all you want is to have access to the Products where you can purchase any of them at a 15% discount and the Free Electricity Registration, then the Better Buyers Club of America membership for $15 is for you. You could also choose to be a Recruiter for the BBCA at no additional cost. Why would you choose to become a recruiter? Because for every member you personally enroll in the club, you could receive direct sale commissions from any product they may sell AND after the unveiling at the football stadiums happens (if it happens...its up to us to MAKE it happen by getting the witnesses registered) and the witnesses get the generator installed on their homes, you would receive $1000 per year per witness you were responsible for bringing to the stadium. It goes even deeper than that, but without going into all the details, each person you are responsible for bringing to the stadium would have up to a $10,000 per year income potential for you. Additionally, any club recruiter who sponsors a church that wants to become involved in The Kingdom Grant (see that entity below) would receive $100 per family from that church who got their free electricity registration and the subsequent unit installation on their home after the unveiling at the football stadiums. And a potential of up to $1000 per family. All this adds up and = POTENTIALLY NO ELECTRIC BILL for YOU FOR LIFE + a SUBSTANTIAL YEARLY INCOME. The website with ALL the information on it about the BBCA and its 5 areas of benefits is here:

If you want to build a larger business with even MORE income potential as well as the Free Electricity Registration, then you should take a serious look at Better World Alternatives (BWA). This is the Network Marketing entity which has a specific compensation plan attached to it for its representatives. Through BWA you can sell/purchase products plus have a downline of representatives who are also selling/purchasing products and from each sale and depending on what level that sale was generated from earns you a certain commission percentage. Building a large downline of representatives has the potential to earn you some MAJOR income + POTENTIALLY NO ELECTRIC BILL for you FOR LIFE.

If you are a member of any of the churches involved in the 'Kings & Priests Kingdom Grant Church Program' you could get your Free Electricity Registration through that church. But through this entity there would be no potential income for you unless you are the club recruiter who sponsored the church. The church however DOES have some income potential...major potential. For every witness they register and who does go to the football stadium and subsequently gets the unit installed on their home, the church would receive up to $5,000 per year per witness. This is thanks to the generosity of Mr. Lee and his wife Allison who are Christians themselves giving up THEIR profit to the Body of Christ. If you are a pastor of a church and would like to learn more about this entity to possibly get your church involved, then this is what you should look at.

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