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As computers become essential to our everyday lives, it is equally important to ensure that they perform at optimum efficiency. A malfunctioning computer at home can prevent a student from gaining valuable research material, a business person from completing their work, or a 'web surfer' just trying to enjoy the Internet.

If you're in need of computer assistance, don't waste any more time rummaging through manuals or waiting on hold for someone whose focus is to get you off the phone quickly. Call in the professionals from Juvio!

Juvio offers Tech Support Single Plans or Family Plans for multiple computers in a household.

Have you always wanted to learn about a computer program, but just couldn't find the time or right training material to see it through? Have you ever wished you could get that extra edge in the classroom, if only you knew more about computers? Have you ever felt that your job skills could improve by knowing just a little more about the computer? In this day and age, understanding how to use a computer and the programs that go along with it isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. Let Juvio show you the way.

Choose from 10 CD's ranging from 'How To Use Your PC Basics' to 'Computer Maintenance Basics'.

Resource4Us' original attraction to Juvio when they were founded in 2002 was the Tech Support and Education Training CD's which are still our main reason for being associated with them. However, they have added some additional product lines which may be of interest to you as well...

HEALTH and BODY Product Line
Rejuvionate line of superior-quality nutritional care products

Natura Select line of nutritional supplements

Juvé line of fine personal care products

The Peach Collection culminates centuries of tradition in artistic jewelry.

The 'j' Line Ties are exclusively designed masterpiece sets complete with a 100% silk tie, matching cufflinks neatly set in a matching box.

To order your Tech Support, Training CD's, Nutritional Products, Personal Care Products, or Personal Collection Products... Visit our Juvio Website Here

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