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A Company With Integrity

URI International is a dynamic and rapidly growing private company located in Cedar City, Utah. This pristine mountain valley is home to their Corporate Offices, growing, processing, packaging and shipping facilities. They distribute their products through a network of Independent Members and Preferred Customers worldwide.

Their Mission: To empower individuals with truth, knowledge and solutions for achieving optimal health!

URI International is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative nutritional products with a special emphasis on superior live whole food nutritional products. For over two decades, the Owner of URI International, Uri LeBaron, has passionately pursued the perfection of a proprietary and revolutionary drying technology that preserves the nutritional integrity of fresh, whole foods. Upon reaching this goal, URI International was created to provide a way for millions of people to achieve optimal health through nutrient dense, live whole food nutritional products.

URI International understands that a perfect drying process is the key to maintaining the nutritional integrity of the fresh whole foods being dried. Unlike typical drying processes used in the nutritional supplement industry, the proprietary URI International drying process maintains, rather than compromises, the naturally occurring nutritional content in whole foods. Their unique and proprietary process preserves the nutritional integrity and life force of the fresh produce being dried, which is essential to health and well being.

The URI drying facilities are located within a pristine mountain valley in Southern Utah surrounded by 4700 acres of certified organic farmland where many of their whole food ingredients are grown.

This fertile land began as a prehistoric lake bed, layered with deep soil created and kept rich by the ash and weathering of ancient volcano's, mountain runoff and organic matter. This fertile farmland provides some of the most nutrient rich soil on earth; abundant in selenium, precious metals, friendly organisms, fulvic acid, rare earths and vital plant micronutrients necessary for optimal plant growth.

These conditions, combined with the regions elevation, sunshine, clean air, low humidity, proper crop rotation and continued re-mineralization from the surrounding snow capped mountains produces nutrient dense, organic crops.

URI International delivers the whole food goodness of nature's perfect nutrition directly to your home through their proprietary Nutritional Quadrant™:

GROW — Whole foods grown to the strictest standards for optimal, nutrient rich produce.

PRESERVE — Proprietary low temperature, fast drying process that preserves the naturally occurring nutrients of our live whole food ingredients.

PACKAGE — We immediately fill, label and package each product, fresh from our drying facilities.

DELIVER — Our products never leave our facilities until they are shipped directly to you. From field to you, URI International ensures the superiority in whole food nutrition that you deserve!

Product Categories:

  • Whole Food
  • Targeted Needs
  • Weight and Fitness
  • Personal Care
  • Home Care

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